Bonus Service

Working with animals is a service that I offer as a bonus service for my clients. Please note that this offering is only available to my current and past clients, and is not available to the general public.

If you’re looking for some intuitive insight and extra support for your animal’s health and well-being, I can help with the following:

  • past trauma (e.g. rescued animals who struggle with fear, anxiety and past abuse)
  • chronic pain (e.g. hip dysplasia, arthritis, joint issues, etc.)
  • ‘mystery’ illnesses
  • end of life care

All animal sessions are $125 + HST and are 45 minutes to an hour depending on your animal’s needs. Below are a few client stories to give you a sense of what I may offer to support your animal companion’s health and happiness:

Guccio’s Story

Kimberley’s services and talent have helped our dog get through a terrible, seemingly never-ending ordeal. We asked her to work with him as a last resort. He had been suffering for such a long time that in the back of our minds we knew that we could not continue to let him suffer so much. How we wish we had asked her to work with him sooner.

Guccio, our miniature poodle cross, has been with us for just over four years. During this time he has been struggling with a severe skin condition that veterinarians have not been able to cure. His skin was raw with open sores, he constantly scratched himself and a large portion of his fur had fallen out.

At adoption, we knew that the skin condition was very likely the reason he was given away. Over the years, we had tried everything that was suggested to us: a myriad of diets, steroids, ointments, shampoos, food regimens, and supplements. For the most part, Guccio’s skin showed only slight improvements which too quickly deteriorated into heavy dandruff, scabs, rashes, and eventually open sores.

Kimberley suggested an intensive session plan for our dog. Four sessions the first week, two the next week, and one or two a week for the following month. We were very surprised to see changes within the first days of starting this plan. After the first week, Guccio improved drastically! It seemed unbelievable. His coat started to grow in and his skin became smooth with a healthy colour and texture. After the first week, he did not have any open sores. Now you cannot tell that he had any bald patches, whereas prior to working with Kimberley, he was almost bald.

Most importantly, Guccio is no longer suffering. He now plays, jumps up to welcome us, enjoys going for walks and barks at squirrels. Before his sessions with Kimberley, Guccio was a different dog – sick, quiet, disinterested in walks, toys, games and giving or receiving affection.

Kimberley was our last avenue to helping our dog overcome a condition that lasted over four years and, until now, one that we could not manage. We are so grateful to her for the love and the kindness that she offered our dog. He is strong, confident, healthy and happy and we know that Kimberley and her energy work made the difference.

Monika Szopinska

Leila’s Story

Kimberley to my cat’s rescue! My cat, Leila, was really sick for weeks. I knew something was wrong when she changed from being a frisky, affectionate cat to one that was miserable, unwilling to play, and barely able to move. She could not eat, and stopped greeting me with her usual meow when I arrived at home.

It all started after a trip to the groomer when her fur would not grow back after she was trimmed and she stopped eating. What followed was numerous trips to the vet, including oral and later topical medications. She would get better for a bit and then something else would start bothering her. She quickly declined and in the end she was scratching so much that her skin was inflamed, and she started losing her fur. She was in a lot of pain and became very withdrawn. The vet thought it may be time for me to consider putting her down as she was in so much pain. I was really concerned and didn’t know what else I could do to help her.

It was then that I contacted Kimberley. I described the issue with my cat and she suggested we start our sessions right away. Kimberley worked on Leila twice a day for 4 consecutive days.

After the first day, Leila slept most of the night for the first time in weeks! The next day she woke up and was meowing asking for food. This was amazing as she hadn’t been interested in eating for a long time. Her energy was coming back and for the first time in a long time, she didn’t look like she was in pain. After eating she went to the patio and was rolling on the floor enjoying the sunshine. I couldn’t believe that this was only after one day of working with Kimberley.

Leila received sessions for the next 3 days and she continued to improve rapidly. By day three, she had resumed her health, was eating well, enjoying her usual naps, and demanding affection like her old self. Her fur had started growing back, and she was climbing atop her kitty condo just as she used to.

Our girl is back! We hope she has many more years to come. Thank you, Kimberley, for your wonderful, timely attention – I know that you brought Leila back to health and I am so grateful!

Catherine Kali

Otis’ Story

Our family is blessed with a remarkably intuitive eight year old Yorkie named Otis. He has been with us since he was a tiny pup.

Due to his sensitive and ever supportive nature, Otis has at times over the years needed
special energetic assistance to sort out issues that manifested physically and emotionally.
Enter the deeply compassionate, innately talented Kimberley!

We have enjoyed our sessions with her – each encounter providing valuable insight and setting a course for healing with Otis that we were not able to provide for him on our own.

We are grateful to Kimberley for returning balance, spunk and clear purpose to our little
one on multiple occasions. We highly recommend her services.

Paula Conrad