How I Can Help

You know how you can know something intellectually, but despite your best efforts, you feel like you’re missing something, and keep feeling (or doing) that same thing over and over? Whether it’s physical pain like migraines or stress from work, it’s frustrating when you feel like you’ve tried everything and the same cycle keeps rinsing and repeating. This is where my services can be very useful as I use my intuitive skills to help you find the blocks that are in your blind spots.

In our sessions, we work with those blocks that are getting in your way so that you can move forward differently… with more connection, more alignment (that knowing deep in your bones when something feels right). You may notice that things start to feel more manageable… or that you’re sleeping more deeply, or maybe your pain has started to shift.

Through a combination of your amazing wisdom, advanced energy work, honed intuition, and discussions that help you connect the dots, we look under the hood of the car, and explore some of the hidden parts that may be contributing to your stress and pain from a mind-body perspective. Providing a safe space to work at this deep level offers the possibility for profound change and healing.

Benefits of Working Together

As we explore together, I will offer you:

  • intimate, collaborative partnership
  • personalized support and guidance including discussions that will help you have a new perspective on things that have previously left you feeling stumped, exhausted, and/or frustrated
  • valuable, precise insight that helps you understand what’s happening in your blind spots that may be contributing to your challenges from a mind-body perspective
  • in addition to reiki, advanced energy work that will help you connect to your body
  • customized suggestions for feeling profoundly more connected to yourself and in alignment with what feels right for you
  • clear, practical suggestions for how you can support yourself in between sessions
  • support and guidance around developing and hearing your own inner guidance or gut
  • a safe space to explore, grow, and heal

My services may be a good fit for you if…

  • you are curious about your own expansion and growth
  • you are interested in exploring the things that are blocking you from a mind-body perspective
  • you understand that working together is a process and that healing takes time

Want to know what a session would look like? Click here.

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