Sessions for Children

Please note that that my practice is not currently accepting any children as new clients at this time.  

It’s gut wrenching when your child is struggling. Pain can impact their sleep, school, self-esteem, and ability to do fun things with their friends.

Our sessions involve a healing process that is built around your child’s personality, needs, comfort level and pace. In addition to offering valuable insight and tangible suggestions, I use energy work to support your child’s healing process.

Kids are special little beings. They don’t like to sit still for a session. They’ve got things to do, forts to build. As such, sessions are adjusted for their specific age range and individual needs. Click here to see what an individualized session might look like.

Here are some reasons to consider working with me:

  • your child is in physical pain (e.g. abdominal pain, headaches, musculoskeletal pain, teething, nerve pain) and you’re open to exploring complementary therapies
  • you are feeling helpless because you don’t know how to cope with your child’s condition or struggles
  • you need some support because you’re exhausted and are struggling with the challenges of parenthood

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