Sample Sessions

All sessions are virtual (Zoom or Skype).

During the first part of the session, we will check in and discuss your goals for the session. As you share what is on your mind, I will be listening energetically, asking questions, and offering intuitive insight to help you connect some dots. My job is to help you see your blind spots, connect to your own inner guidance, and support your desire for transformation as we move through some of the blocks that may have been getting in the way of you living the life you want to live.

After we talk, we will move to the second part of the session where I will use targeted *distance energy work to help you integrate what we discussed. At this point, I might encourage you to lie down or sit comfortably and enjoy some relaxing ‘you time’ while I work. There is no wrong way to experience energy work. Some sensitive clients experience sensations of heat, subtle pulsing or tingling. Others use this time to take a wee nap. During this part of the session, I will be working energetically to support your goals and intentions.

Ideally your computer (or whatever device you’re using for our session) will be nearby so that you can hear me if I have a question for you while I’m working. Otherwise, this part of the session is often in silence as I support your body and gather information to share with you.

When I’m done, I will let you know and invite you to come back to your device’s screen so that we can debrief and discuss what happened while you were relaxing. I’ll answer any questions you may have and will offer suggestions (curated and personalized for your specific needs) to support your process in between sessions.

Session times vary and are up to 90 minutes depending on your needs.

*A word about distance energy work:

Advanced energy work doesn’t require the proximity of your physical body. You know how you can send an e-mail to someone and they receive it immediately regardless of where they are in the world? Connecting to your energy body is kind of like that. All I need is your permission to connect with you in this way and we’re good to go!

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