I initially heard of Kimberley through a close friend. Kimberley had helped her through her own challenges and I noticed a radiance and overall change in my friend over time. I was then very curious to meet her to see what I could learn for myself.

Before I started seeing Kimberley, I was very out of tune with myself. I felt drained and overworked. I had neck pain, stomachs pains as well as anxiety and insomnia.

After the first session, I was hooked! She made me feel so comfortable and understood. Her services were unique to anything I have ever experienced.

I noticed drastic changes almost immediately. Kimberley taught me how to check in with my body and give it what it needs to thrive. Slowly my symptoms 1-by-1 started to dissolve after implementing her guidance to my lifestyle.

Life feels much lighter now. There definitely is a lot less resistance in my every day. I have more energy and more control over my life. My insomnia is no longer a problem and my neck pain has not returned.

I would recommend Kimberley 100%. She has been a complete blessing in my life and I am incredibly grateful to have met her.

Alysha Dawn Puopolo, Illustrator