Kimberley has a beautiful, kind, warm energy about her. She is keen about the links between our spiritual paths and physical symptoms, and that was important to me.

Before I came to see Kimberley I had suffered a nervous break down, as all the moving parts in my life had seemed to come crashing down. I was experiencing some scary neurological symptoms that included muscle pain, weakness and twitching, numbness, shakiness, cold flashes. I was having panic attacks and unable to feel at ease in my day-to- day life. I felt that I didn’t have the coping mechanisms to deal with intense anxiety and stress management. I was incredibly scared and overwhelmed.

Kimberley’s energy work helped me understand what was going on beneath the surface of my symptoms, and our discussions allowed me to further understand what was causing my stress. I benefited the most from the practical and easy to apply tips that I received after each session. Each plan built on the next with the entire goal of aligning my thoughts and actions with greater spiritual integrity.

No panic attacks! No more symptoms, and I am equipped with tools that reveal what the next right thing is for ME to engage in. In a world where we are constantly overstimulated, distracted and pulled in every direction, I am making waves with following my own sacred direction.

I would recommend Kimberley to anyone who is looking to heal from the inside out – to anyone who has struggled with how and why your life or health might be affected by other factors.

S. Thornton, Project Manager