A few years ago, Kimberley was recommended to me by my Reiki teacher. Her type of work was a big unknown to me, yet I felt intrigued enough to give it a shot. Boy oh boy, am I glad I did.

My life, at that time, was basically me living one obligation after another without really considering what I wanted. That coupled with speaking very unkindly to myself and abusing substances led to a pretty unhappy existence. I remember how rageful I would get for “no reason”. Well, there was a reason: I was living by everyone else’s script, not my own. I did not know my truth, let alone have the ability to speak it. This way of living led to physical pain such as chronic headaches, neck and back pain. Clearly, at that time, I did not possess the tools I needed to flourish as an adult.

Kimberley guided me not only in our sessions and through her at home suggestions, but also by herself embodying the powerful, yet humble, female I always hoped to one day be. It did not take long for me to fully trust Kimberley. I felt safe sharing things with her no one else knew. And over the years, she proved me right in trusting her.

Throughout my time with Kimberley, countless lessons were learned, growth was made, challenges were overcome, actions were taken and physical pain was released. However, I would say one of the most significant shifts I experienced was my reacquaintance with hope. Before starting this work, that word actually infuriated me. Kimberley helped me re-discover my own hope, and now it keeps me going through life’s challenges and tough times.

I now feel I have the power to dictate how my life goes and who I allow in it. My breathes are even literally deeper, almost like something had been sitting on my lungs my whole life, and it is now gone. It has been a few years, and I still appreciate every breath.

I realize growth is a life long process, and there is still work to be done; however, I now possess the tools needed to move forward confidently.

Kate Schuyler, Freelance Art Director/Graphic Designer