Kimberley’s work is nothing short of astonishing. I received tremendous value from our time together! I have worked with coaches and energy workers – many. But Kimberley’s insights are in another league. Before I saw her, I was struggling with how to balance family with a successful, growing business. I was feeling stressed and irritable, and although I knew things needed to change, I was lacking clarity on where to focus my efforts to create that change.

Kimberley quickly zeroed in on areas in my emotional landscape that were not in alignment with the life I want to create for myself and my family.

Gently, and without ever condescending, Kimberley transformed my expressed need for more playfulness, more lightness in my life…into a specific strategy to bring exactly that. Where I saw only time limitations or demands on my energy, Kimberley helped me to see easy and impactful ways that I can experience more without DOING more. Her incredibly insightful suggestions gave me not only more time, but more freedom.

It’s been two weeks since my last session with Kimberley, and by applying her specific, on-point suggestions, I am no longer feeling overwhelmed. In addition, I am also experiencing a significant increase in joy, fun, and connection in my life!

Erin Bentley, Business Owner