For years I suffered from serious abdominal pain and nothing seemed to help. One day the pain was so extreme that I was open to working with Kimberley. In the past I had been a little skeptical of energy work, but the pain overruled.

During my first session with Kimberley, within minutes of her administration of the energy work, I started to feel a calming sensation throughout my body and then a soft, warmth spread within. My pain started easing away – I was truly shocked and very thankful. She was also able to pick up on some tension in my shoulders that I had not even mentioned.

Kimberley’s way of working is so unique and effective in that she can address the physical while helping to connect the dots to the things that are beneath the symptoms. True healing is getting to the root of the matter so that pain can truly be alleviated long-term.

Since I had such success with Kimberley I decided to pass along the good news to my mother who suffered from Arthritis and Fibromyalgia which caused severe pain and inflammation in the joints. This ever-persistent pain was also accompanied by sleepless nights and stress. Kimberley was able to ease the pain in my mother’s joints and help her to sleep better at night.

Kimberley has such a calm and caring way about her that puts you at ease immediately. Working with her is an amazing way to balance out our bodies’ needs and bring comfort where there was once only pain.

Wendy Allman, Program Administrator